How to Choose Jewelry that is Harmless to the Skin

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Why Jewelry Can Cause Allergies?

Different people are allergic to different metals, or metals of different purity, and different people's constitutions lead to different results.
Some people are allergic to copper, which can cause the skin to turn green. Some people are allergic to nickel, which can lead to contact dermatitis or eczema.

How About Stainless Steel Jewelry?

At present, many people will buy stainless steel jewelry because the price is very low. But the outer plating of stainless steel contains nickel - the main allergen.

How About Silver and Gold Jewelry?

Generally speaking, gold and silver elements are not easy to cause allergies, especially high purity. Some people are also allergic to wearing silver or gold jewelry. But it is likely that the purity is not high enough, and there are other elements of metal, which can cause allergies.

How to Choice Jewelry?

Therefore, when we choose jewelry, it is best to choose silver and gold jewelry with high purity.
Secondly, choose jewelry whose electroplating layer does not contain allergens such as nickel elements. Although the electroplating layer will fall off due to too much use, the price will be cheaper.

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